In the context of increased sustainability and greening of vehicle fleets, with Caerus Vision we have developed an electric LCD bike that enables brands to advertise in city centres in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Cities and municipalities are also facing stricter rules regarding the greening of their vehicle fleets and our solutions offer a valuable and innovative alternative. The bicycle can serve as passenger transport and/or cargo bike. Meanwhile, the LCD screen can be used to inform people or advertise brands (new revenues). Some specifications: 
  • Extra transport up to 60kg  
  • Heating or cooling box (food and drink deliveries) is optional
  • speed max 20km/h, Battery 250kW
  • Charging at EV charging stations
  • Remote content and scheduling of display
  • 8-12 hrs autonomy of battery for LCD
  • GPS stamps every 30 seconds (excel export possible)
  • Full HD high brightness outdoor LCD display with 1080 * 1920 resolution
Caerus Vision is convinced that the electric LCD bikes will become part of the city.
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